photo of a deer killed by Christopher McNairphoto of a deer killed by Christopher McNairphoto of a deer killed by Christopher McNair

Hunter: Christopher McNair

Points: 9 (5L, 4R)

County: Bleckley

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

On Monday I was sitting at work thinking about what was doing after I got off. I text my wife letting her know I was going hunting on our small farm we recently purchased in Bleckley county. I run home change into my camo, grab my rifle and off I go. I got there around 4:10 pm and walked to my 20 foot Muddy ladder stand i have on a power line over looking a small clover patch and a much larger oats food plot. I have been receiving several pictures of a really nice 9 pt on my cell cameras but I haven\'t seen him up close. During the rut I believe I seen him chasing does out in one of my clear cuts. I already harvested a nice 9 pt early in the season so on this hunt I was looking to punch a few doe tags. A doe I see regularly was the 1st out on the plot. She had her 2 yearlings with her as always. They are there every evening. I really didn\'t want to harvest her knowing she is still young and she is dropping twin fawns. All of a sudden all 3 deer snap there heads up looking behind them. I was thinking some of the bigger does were about to come out to feed. At that time this big body deer jumps the fence and starts walking towards the big doe. Once I seen him I was thinking he was the 6 pt I\'ve seen several times and let walk. As he approached the doe he turned his head i could see he was the big 9 i had been hunting. As he walked closer to the doe it didn\'t take but a second to shoulder my 300 WSM and send one. He was hit hard as he ran back towards the hardwoods across the power line. I heard him crash. I text a few friends and my wife. I didn\'t wait long I knew he was down. I walked in and I could see him laying less than 20 yards in the woods. I pulled him out onto the power line called my wife and I walked to my truck. Struggled to get him load by myself but did. Sent out a few pictures and headed to the processor.
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