photo of a deer killed by Christopher Gravittphoto of a deer killed by Christopher Gravittphoto of a deer killed by Christopher Gravitt

Hunter: Christopher Gravitt

Points: 14 (7L, 7R)

County: Tift

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

My 10-month-old woke up crying early Tuesday morning. After I fed him, I decided just to get ready and head to the stand extra early this morning. I got settled into my ground blind well before daylight. I saw this buck come out well before shooting light when it was too dark to tell what he was. The buck fed for around 20-30 minutes, still too early to make out quite which deer it was. Just at legal shooting light a duck hole erupted behind me which caused the buck to startle and he walked out of my shooting lane. Just a few minutes later he crossed back over without bothering to stop in the lane. Luckily I was ready for him. I shot him quartering away from me walking into the woods on the far side of my shooting lane. He turned and ran approximately 15 yards and I heard him crash into the woods. I had no difficulty following the blood trail and you could see where he crashed from where I shot him. I recognized the deer immediately as we have had pictures of him the last 3 years. I killed the deer at approximately 0645 on Tuesday morning and recovered him easily within 5 mins of firing the shot. I was very blessed with a quick hunt this morning! I loaded the deer up on the ranger and drove him to the house to share my success with my wife and two boys.
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