photo of a deer killed by Christian Irelandphoto of a deer killed by Christian Irelandphoto of a deer killed by Christian Ireland

Hunter: Christian Ireland

Points: 9 (4L, 5R)

County: Greene

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

i have been letting bucks walk in this area for the past couple years so I knew there should be some good deer in the area. And with the cooler temps and opening day of gun season, I knew the tree I was going to. Got in the tree about 45 minutes before daylight. While walking to the tree, I was seeing a lot of new scrapes and they where still pretty clean. Just before daylight I sprayed some doe in heat figuring that it couldn't hurt. After daylight it was slower then I figured it would be. Couldn't believe after an hour of light, didn't hear any shots. I was checking emails and texting my wife. Then all of a sudden i heard walking in the leaves and looked up and saw a deer 50 yards. It was coming off a ridge right at me. At first I could see horns but he didn't look like what I was hoping to see after letting so many deer walk years prior. While I was watching him and he was working in closer, the view of him was getting clearer from the thicket. Then all of a sudden he put he head up and turned his head, and I realized just how good he was. I was thinking he was the 6-point I saw the day before. Boy was I wrong. I grabbed my gun and the first chance I got, took the shot.
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