photo of a deer killed by Chris Harrellphoto of a deer killed by Chris Harrellphoto of a deer killed by Chris Harrell

Hunter: Chris Harrell

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Monroe

Season: 2017-2018 (Week 6)

Hunt Story

I was hunting in a portable stand overlooking plantation pines on the edge of a select cut on one side and a hardwood bottom on the other. This is a bedding area that I have had great success hunting for over 10 years. I have killed numerous bucks over the years on this spot, including the third largest buck killed on Rum Creek scoring 137 2/8 B&C, in 2014. Unfortunately, I had just let my GON subscription expire and was unable to enter him in the truck buck contest. At approximately 10:30 a.m. I turned around to see this buck standing on the edge of a firebreak with his tongue hanging out, panting like a dog from running does. I shot him the first time, and he ran toward me giving me a second shot. He bolted again and I shot him a 3rd time when he fell approximately 50 yards from my stand. I thought I had missed him the first two times but I found him with all three shots successful, he just did not want to go down. I had seen numerous bucks chasing does and even videoed a buck fight between two spikes under my tree earlier in the morning. When I checked him out at the Rum Creek check station, the game wardens advised me he was the largest rack and body deer checked out so far. The deer was aged at 4.5 years old when the jaw was pulled. I have other photos of the deer, but I had to hold my hand under the jaw for the pictures due to having jaw pulled to comply with the GON rules. I am estimating this buck to score in the 120s range, but I am not an expert in this field. Chris Harrell
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