photo of a deer killed by Chris Dixonphoto of a deer killed by Chris Dixonphoto of a deer killed by Chris Dixon

Hunter: Chris Dixon

Points: 9 (5L, 4R)

County: Harris

Season: 2015-2016 (Week 1)

Hunt Story

I rushed home from work to set up behind my house at 6:30 Monday evening, and 10 minutes later my neighbors little boy started playing drums with a 5 gallon bucket. I hung in there and he stopped after 20 minutes or so and had a doe and two fawns show up maybe 2 minutes after the pounding stopped. Around 7:30 four bucks showed up. One was a heavy bodied 8-point and offered a 12-yard shot, but he was not the one I was after cause the deer I wanted was a good looking 9 that I have been watching going on 3 years. I already had two encounters with him, but he never offered a good shot until Monday. I released a Rage at 22 yards when he was quartering away. I hit him a little far back with the arrow exiting behind the left shoulder, but the arrow stayed in. I called my friend Russ, and he came to assist in recovery along with my neighbor. After one hour we looked for blood starting around 9 pm. After an hour and a half we found no blood or the arrow and decided not to push him and back out. I was sick to my stomach and could hardly sleep. The next morning I started looking at daylight and found him 15 minutes later about 75 yards from where we stopped and backed out. The arrow was about 15 yards from where he laid and overall distance from shot to final resting place was about 200 yards. I filled in my harvest record and had two of my employees help get him on the truck then to Daffin's. Once there Jason told me the meat would not be worth the risk. I really hated that even though I recovered him I hate to waste meat. I have taken a dozen deer with a bow in 30 years and this one is the best by far.
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