photo of a deer killed by Chase Turnerphoto of a deer killed by Chase Turnerphoto of a deer killed by Chase Turner

Hunter: Chase Turner

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Fulton

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

Well the morning before this hunt I had hunted a different spot and I climbed down around 10 that morning and went to check some cameras, and a buck had showed up that I hadn’t seen since August, a wide 10-pointer. He showed up on camera the night before hitting a scrape. So I decided to go get some feed to put out to maybe keep the does hanging a little tighter to keep him doing the same! I come back from getting feed and put it out, and as I’m getting ready to leave I hear a deer grunting down in a bottom and deer chasing, so I ease to the edge of my food plot and see horns chasing a doe, so I run to the truck grab my bow, grunt call, and binoculars and run back to edge of food plot and saw the buck still tending the does. I hit the grunt call and he immediately turns off the does and came in a head-down, fast walk/run straight to me. Comes to 20 yards and me on the ground with a bow. He stops facing right at me and looked as if he was about to go back after them, so I took the straight on shot clipped a limb and my arrow deflects and hits him in front of the chest but facing down so pretty much just cut him I’m pretty sure. Well I looked for him for a while and had to leave because of a Friendsgiving me and my wife were hosting at our house, where I told all my buddies the story and we come up with a plan to go back the next morning and look for him just in case! So I told them I was going to hunt until about 10 the next morning, that they like head down to that spot around 9:30 to help look for the deer. Well around 9:45 the next morning this big 8 come to the rattling horns I had just hit together and comes to the exact spot the deer was in the day before and busts me. He runs out to about 45 yards, and I shot him and he piled up as the boys were almost there at this time! So I called them and told them now we have 2 deer to track. They got there and we recovered this deer and celebrated and unfortunately did not find the other, which we all agreed we think he is still alive. Was an action-packed weekend in the woods to say the least!!
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