photo of a deer killed by Chase Jonesphoto of a deer killed by Chase Jonesphoto of a deer killed by Chase Jones

Hunter: Chase Jones

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Fulton

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

This buck has been putting on quite the show over the past two years, but always at night, late in the season, and only on trail camera. Normally, I'm not able to hunt much in the early season, but this year my work schedules changed and I've had some great opportunities to get out. I've learned a lot from the GON community and from following other deer hunters over the years. Encouraged through others' hunt stories and videos, it dawned on me that hunting early in the season might be my chance to encounter this buck. Just two days before seeing this buck, I placed a mock scrape near my setup and guess who came by before dark to check things out and "freshen the place up." First a smaller buck came in to the setup. Next, this 10-pointer and another mature buck came in, checked the "scrape," and ran the smaller buck away from the food source. While standing around and waiting for his turn, the younger buck was busy looking around and watching everything. I was really nervous that the younger buck would bust me, but with my chest pounding, I slowly reached for my bow. This 10-point turned to move the younger buck out of his way one more time, and when that happened I came to full draw and let one fly. Feeling good about the shot, but also having made the mistake of looking too soon, I gave it some time. Flashlights, my wife, and a good blood trail took us right to him!
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