photo of a deer killed by Charly Roeselphoto of a deer killed by Charly Roeselphoto of a deer killed by Charly Roesel

Hunter: Charly Roesel

Points: 9 (4L, 5R)

County: Meriwether

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

Well, just wanted to give my oldest a little praise, it all started this summer building a shooting house for her (6) and her brother (3) to possibly get a chance at a deer. It’s got carpet, heater, windows, everything I could think of to keep them comfy. We were in the middle of it and I ended up coming down with COVID and thought I was dying, I was in a camper in my back pasture for 14 days, her and her brother came to see me every day through the window. They’ve been running cameras and feeders since I had to carry them, because they couldn’t walk yet, so I told my wife that this year, I would love to get Charly her first deer. So we started practicing, red Ryder first, I told her that she had to learn to shoot iron sights before she could shoot a scope, then a Rossi single shot 22, she was getting pretty good, so I asked her if she was ready for her .243 with the scope, she said let’s do it. So I set it up in the sled and let her take aim and boom, she said never again, so my dreams were going downhill real quick. Couple weeks go by, and I’m looking everywhere for a .223 rifle, well everyone knows the issue with that caliber, you can’t find the gun much less the ammo. I was talking with my neighbor who is 70, big deer hunter, he has watched them grow up since the day we brought them home. He said, “I’ve got one with ammo, come get it and start letting her shoot it.” I told Chary and we jumped in the Polaris and went to get it. I rush home from work on 11-20, I called my wife and let her know I’m rushing to get there, get her ready so we can run out the door. Well I get there, she has on bright pink tights, blue jean dress and fancy sparkly make up on with bracelets, I thought this ought to be good. So I throw a black jacket on her and rush out the door, we blow out about 5-6 does and get settled in, I told her, they will be back. It wasn’t five minutes she says, daddy I can’t see, so I run back to the truck and grab a boat cushion that I was supposed to bring for this reason, rush back, as soon as I get her situated she’s says daddy there’s a deer. So I look and there’s three does running, I told her get ready that anything could be coming, then a 9-pointer walks out and after a little discussion, she decided she wanted to shoot it. So we get her all set up, I’m whispering to her ear muffs hoping she can hear me, she took aim and I told her to let me know when she was ready, she says let’s do it, so I clicked off the safety and it felt like an eternity waiting for that boom, and then it went off. That buck stood up on its hind legs and feel over backwards!!!! I was crying and shaking, she’s jumping up and down yelling!! And it’s all on video!! It will be a day I never forget!! If I don’t shoot another deer, I’m happy!!!
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