photo of a deer killed by Charlie Nickelsonphoto of a deer killed by Charlie Nickelsonphoto of a deer killed by Charlie Nickelson

Hunter: Charlie Nickelson

Points: 12 (6L, 6R)

County: Macon

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

Afternoon sit. There were two does in the foodplot before I could make it to the stand. A little buck busted into the foodplot and was grunting his little head off chasing the bigger doe in circles. Short little grunts every step. This gave me a chance to ninja the 15 yards I needed to cover to climb into a sneaky little 10' ladder stand hidden a few rows off of the foodplot. I had not been in the stand 2 minutes and I hear one splashing across the creek toward me. He plowed a path through some privet and busted out into the firebreak just 15 yards from me ready to hurt the little buck that was chasing the does around in the foodplot. The doe noticed him and came toward us. The little buck followed her and then stood his ground and postured up on the big buck. Little guy was full bristled, bug-eyed, at 100 pounds too lean to be squaring up the way he did. The big buck went full strut immediately and was zig-zagging closer to me and the little buck who is now 4 yards from my right boot. He was bristled up doing the stiff leg crooked walk and swayed his head back just enough to flip the gun and draw. 10-yard lefty shot then he bounded 3 or 4 digs and piled up right in the foodplot. November is such a special time. Deer are awesome. Dad shot a big one 2 days later.
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