photo of a deer killed by Charlie Mathisphoto of a deer killed by Charlie Mathisphoto of a deer killed by Charlie Mathis

Hunter: Charlie Mathis

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Taylor

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

Charlie is 8 years old. This year we decided that it was time for him to shoot a deer. He shot his rifle and got it sighted in, and he was ready. We went hunting once and didn't see the buck we were looking for. Charlie named the buck he was hunting "The Stranger" because he wasn't one of the bucks that was a regular on our place. He showed up mid-October. We went the night of October 30, and didn't see him on that hunt either. We were going to wake up Sunday morning before Sunday School and go, but we slept in after staying up late watching the Braves the night before. Of course, "The Stranger" was there in daylight for the first time that morning. I knew that because of that, we would have a good chance at seeing him that evening. We went to trunk or treat at our church and then we left to get in the stand. We saw a bunch of deer, and started seeing them 10 minutes after we got in the stand. We have a deer with a nice frame, but only 4 points that we watched for a while, and we thought about shooting him. I said let's wait 5 more minutes and see if "The Stranger" will show up. After 4 minutes he came out. He walked in, and wouldn't be still for a shot. He finally got a clear shot, but when he pulled the trigger there wasn't a bullet in the chamber. We got one in, and about 5 minutes later he finally got a good opportunity for a shot. He shot and the buck went down immediately, but then got up and ran off. We went back to the truck to wait on our whole family to show up and try to recover him with us. We found the buck within 30 yards of where he shot him. Our whole family was there for the recovery. This is Charlie's first deer. It was an awesome night for us, and the footage that will be on our youtube channel is incredible.
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