photo of a deer killed by Chad Greenphoto of a deer killed by Chad Greenphoto of a deer killed by Chad Green

Hunter: Chad Green

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Twiggs

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

I have hunted this buck over 2 years. In 2019 he was a wide tall clean 8 pointer. I passed hoping he would maybe get bigger. In 2020 I first got pics of him in early October and he had blown up. I named him "Double Clutch" after his double split G2s and how they looked from the side... like fingers trying to grasp something. He was much more massive and had split G2s on both sides. I decided he was gonna be my target buck only. I got several trail cam pics from Oct. 7th to opening day of the 2020 rifle season. I hunt a powerline right of way on BASF kaolin mining company hunting land. I was hunting opening evening of 2020 and he walked out at 420 yards. I took aim and hit about a foot over his back from the dirt kicked up on the slope behind him. Later I would discover my rifle was way off sight. He ran and I was sick. I vowed not to take a shot at him again unless he was 300 yards or closer. I saw him 7 more times in the 2020 season... all over 400 yards. The last day I hunted in January 2021 I watched him cross a hill top down the powerline... well over the 300 yard limit. I thought I would never see him again. The last pic I got of him was January 8, 2021. He didn't show back up on cameras until October 12, 2021. Over the summer I decided to change everything about how I had hunted him and close the distance and put up a tower stand 250 yards closer to his favorite powerline crossing. I purchased an electric bicycle to be able to access the new stand location undetected. I bought a new Bergara rifle to dedicate to hunting him only. I bought a Zero Trace scent concealment device to mask my scent. I also decided to use Nose Jammer as a cover scent. I was down in his area and I didn't want him to know I was there. All the changes and additions to my hunt strategy paid off after only one week of hunting him from this much closer stand location. At 8:00 a.m. on Saturday October 30 he crossed the powerline trying to get back to his bedding area... like I had seen him do multiple times before ...on the same exact trail I had missed him one year earlier. I made a now 125 yard shot with my new Bergara .308 and the hunt for "Double Clutch" was over. He ran maybe 50 yards. In his run he fell and hit the base of small oak. His right browtine dug into the bark and snapped off. I went back a few hours later and found the broken tine only a few feet from the oak tree. He lost his split G2s but gained more mass and grew an extra tine next to his left browtine. He kept the kicker on he right G2 and his G3 on his left side doubled in length. God blessed me to have another chance at him and I am very thankful.
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