photo of a deer killed by Casey Groverphoto of a deer killed by Casey Groverphoto of a deer killed by Casey Grover

Hunter: Casey Grover

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Talbot

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

Watching the weather, and noticing the front was pushing out and clearing in the afternoon, I knew it'd be a prime time to be in the stand. The hunter's moon was Thursday, so I had high hopes going into the hunt. The field is shaped in an L, with the portion perpendicular to the stand being planted in corn and sorghum, while the vertical portion was planted in oats, wheat, rye, daikon radishes and turnips. I had a doe feeding in the greens. The other portion of the field, which is the sorghum and corn, is hard to see until the leaves fall off the trees. When I looked down at the creek, where the 2 different food sources meet, he was standing there at 40 yards. We passed this deer 6x last year, knowing he was only 3.5. We've been feeding protein for 3 years now, and planted nearly 40 acres this spring and fall. We've had thousands of pictures, and assumed he was 160 inches. We taped him out at 161 6/8. The next morning, my dad, who hasn't deer hunted in 15 years, killed another great Talbot deer.
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