photo of a deer killed by Case Murphyphoto of a deer killed by Case Murphyphoto of a deer killed by Case Murphy

Hunter: Case Murphy

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Bulloch

Season: 2016-2017

Hunt Story

I first started seeing this buck in the middle of August on camera with another 8-point along with him. This is a spot right behind my grandparents' house that I have killed three mature bucks out of this stand including this one. After a little while, I was getting daylight pictures of him pretty often on my deer camera. So when I checked my camera I immediately knew I had to get a food plot in there. Right after that, the next day I went in there with my granddaddy and got a food plot planted. So right when bow season came in I hit the woods in hopes of killing him. So after a couple of hunts I hadn't really seen much and finally I went into my lock-on after a little rain came through I hit the woods. Right when I got into my stand I had deer in front of me, so after they fed along I looked down and there he stood 5 yards fixing to give me shot. I looked down and couldn't move. so thinking I was fixing to kill the biggest buck of my life with a bow I looked back down and he just walked right out of my sights. Man I was so mad. So after that I kind of quit hunting in that spot until youth gun season came in. I prayed for safety and prayed for the opportunity to see this big buck almost every time I hunted it. Finally it was Opening Gun Season for youth, and I was pumped and ready to get him. That first Saturday morning me and my dad went to our box stand in hopes of killing him, and right off the bat we had deer in front of us. As the morning progressed we were seeing does and little bucks. I looked up and the 8-point he was usually with walked out of the woods. My dad said shoot him, and I said, "No sir, I want to wait for the big buck." So after he left, out steps the big buck at 400 yards down the shooting lane, and all I could do was watch him. We hunted again Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning but we did not have any luck. Sunday afternoon, my dad and I got in the stand around 5:30 pm. We sat in the stand and for an hour and a half and saw nothing. We started talking about how I was going to get in the stand the next morning because my dad had to go out of town for work the next day. So right when he mentioned that he could drop me off and my granddaddy could hunt with me the next day... he quickly said, "Case get your gun up... there he is ..." So right when the deer gave me a broadside shot, I took the shot. As soon as I looked up, he was on the ground dead. After many high fives and laughs, we went to go look at him. We were thanking God for all he's done. I learned a lot this bow season... after many days in the woods you just cant give up, and when it comes down to it, you just have to keep on hunting.
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