photo of a deer killed by Carter Cogginsphoto of a deer killed by Carter Cogginsphoto of a deer killed by Carter Coggins

Hunter: Carter Coggins

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Heard

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

Carter's daddy is a fireman and he had just gotten off shift the day of the hunt. The whole hunt almost did not happen. Carter had a minor meltdown before leaving the house because he really wanted to shoot any deer no matter the size. His daddy gave him "the speech" about deer hunting, and how it is important to shoot mature bucks. This would be the first time that Carter was allowed to carry a weapon. He had been practicing since he got his rifle for Christmas the year before. His daddy had been watching the 8-pointer that Carter shot for over two years on camera and was hoping that Carter would get a chance at that mature buck. Carter had been hunting with his daddy the previous week and had seen a 3-pointer. Carter had set his hopes on seeing the 3-pointer again, but luck was on their side when the 8-pointer walked into the food plot. Carter was so excited and started to get ready to make a shot, but the buck heard an acorn fall and walked back into the woods. Carter was crushed. His daddy talked him through it and told him to keep watching because the buck would probably make his way back into the food plot. Sure enough, about five minutes after walking back into the woods the 8-pointer emerged and walked right in the middle of the food plot at a great angle. Carter made a perfect 60-yard shot and the deer crashed about 50 yards out of the food plot.
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