photo of a deer killed by Cannon Cheelyphoto of a deer killed by Cannon Cheelyphoto of a deer killed by Cannon Cheely

Hunter: Cannon Cheely

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Harris

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

Cannon and I rushed to Pine Mountain after his 2 o’clock football game. We arrived just before 5 and made our way to the Millennium double ladder. We were watching a 225-yard lane with a mixture of pines and white oaks. Around 6:15 a young 6-point came out at 100 yards and slowly fed up the lane toward us. As we were watching this deer, a larger deer stepped out at the very end of the lane facing us. I immediately recognized the deer. He is a 20-inch inside spread 8 we call Tex. From trail-cam pics from previous years we knew the deer was at a minimum 6 years old. Cannon got his rifle on him and blew my grunt call. He apparently thought it was a challenge from the 6-pointer because he covered the 100 yards between them very quickly. As he approached the younger buck he bristled up and turned broadside. That was Cannon's chance. He made a good shoulder shot and the deer exited the lane. We waited 2 hours and a local friend brought his two labs over. The deer went 100 yards and was piled up. The celebration was on.
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