photo of a deer killed by Cam Williamsphoto of a deer killed by Cam Williamsphoto of a deer killed by Cam Williams

Hunter: Cam Williams

Points: 9 (5L, 4R)

County: Worth

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

Had a marginal wind, but decided to hunt anyways. Two does were feeding around 6:30, when a third doe came in, very alert. Soon behind her Mr. Stickers trotted out of the thicket, nose to the ground. He stopped in the road, and began to feed my way. It was pretty surreal watching him, and finally laying eyes on him outside of trail-camera pictures. I think that's what makes it so surreal, hunting him for three years and only seeing him in pictures, and finally he was in daylight, at 30 yards. He gave me a broadside shot at 28 yards, and I let him have it. Complete pass through, gave him an hour to transpire. First efforts without a dog were unsuccessful. Soon we brought in a friend of mine, Taylor Farrow, with South Georgia Deer Tracking Dogs, and his Drahtaar, Flint. We recovered him shortly after last blood, running no more than 80 yards or so from where I shot him. Unreal that it all came together. Blessed to have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and make fine memories like this.
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