photo of a deer killed by Cam Lovettphoto of a deer killed by Cam Lovettphoto of a deer killed by Cam Lovett

Hunter: Cam Lovett

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Coweta

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

When we walked in to the deer stand, there were two does about 200 away. About 10 minutes later of no action, the deer feeder went off. It was like a dinner bell. Deer walked out left and right at the end of the field and out by the feeder. There were about 10 deer in the field now. Then me and my dad are sitting in the deer stand, and he looks to his right and there is a snake sitting on the edge of the box stand looking right at him. We both jumped up out of our seats and ran out of the deer stand. By then the deer by the feeder were long gone. When the snake slithered away after getting things thrown at it, we got back in the deer stand. All our hopes for shooting a deer were lost, but we decided to stay. After about 5 minutes deer start coming out again. They were around the feeder. Then a big buck walks out, behind him was the buck we were hoping for. He closed the distance to 100 yards beside the feeder and presented us with a shot. I got on the gun, and without a doubt dad gave me the signal... I was ready to shoot. When I shot the deer in the rib section, he ran about 150 yards before falling on the ground. We put another bullet in him so he wouldn’t suffer. At that point I had my trophy.
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