photo of a deer killed by Callie Crawfordphoto of a deer killed by Callie Crawfordphoto of a deer killed by Callie Crawford

Hunter: Callie Crawford

Points: 6 (3L, 3R)

County: Oglethorpe

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

One evening of October 27, 2021, me and my dad went to go hunting in a box stand. As a few minutes had passed, BANG! I had dropped my phone when there were only two does outside of the stand. We thought we had scared the deer, and here comes out a buck. I was just hanging out, looking for the deer on the other side of the stand until my dad said, "Callie, move your chair slowly." I had turned my chair as slow as I can. When I looked up, there was a six pointer out in the field eating grass. My dad picked up the gun and set it on my shoulder and said, "Callie now, I'm going to put the gun off of safety and then you push the trigger as soon as you had got the deer on the scope. When I just got on the deer, it walked a little. The only thing I could have shot at was his neck. He looked up at me and then I pulled the trigger. Then my dad started saying, "Callie I think you shot your first deer!" When we were climbing out of the deer stand, I was so happy because I might have got my first deer. When we got to where I shot it, my dad started videoing me, so obviously, I had shot my first deer. I had walked up and there he was.
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