photo of a deer killed by Caley Wileyphoto of a deer killed by Caley Wileyphoto of a deer killed by Caley Wiley

Hunter: Caley Wiley

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Randolph

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

My dad checked cameras earlier in the week and said this buck we called Stickers was showing up in daylight around 5:30 the past week. I was excited to say the least and could hardly wait till the weekend to hunt him. I shot a few practice shots before heading to our blind at 5:00 that afternoon and was dialed in. We settled in and shortly and a fawn appeared, a short while later a doe came in. It was eventful watching the two and being still and patient as to not spook them off. After about an hour they left and we were both discussing leaving early thinking the bucks were not going to come in, when Dad says buck.. buck.. I looked up and there was a half racked deer with 5 on one side and a long spike on the other. I was about to get steady on him and dad says NO.. there comes Stickers. The other deer quickly made room for him getting out of his way as he approached the blind he came broadside at only about 8 steps away from us, I settled my red dot on his vitals and squeezed the shot off. The buck leaped forward and crashed nearby. We gathered our gear and stepped out of the blind and found him about 20-30 yards from us.
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