photo of a deer killed by Caleb Uptonphoto of a deer killed by Caleb Uptonphoto of a deer killed by Caleb Upton

Hunter: Caleb Upton

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Hancock

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

I was sitting with my Dad on the "Kidney Bean" food plot. After we sat for an hour or so, it started getting dark and we could hear stuff walking nearby. The deer walked up on the left about 50 yards and started feeding in the food plot. I moved my rifle and started to aim at him as he began to walk again. My Dad made a grunt sound with his voice to stop him, and the buck stopped and looked at us. I then shot and he ran back the way he came from. I thought I had missed him, but my Dad told me I hit him well. We got down and started to look for blood. At first we couldn't find any, but as we walked on the path that he ran away on we started to find some blood. The blood got easier and easier to find as we entered the woods. We found him about 30 or 40 yards in the woods on the other side of a little drainage ditch full of water. He probably ran about 70 or 80 yards and was hit in the shoulder. We pulled him back to the field and started taking pictures. Then my older brother and mother drove up on the buggy, and we loaded him up and took him back to camp. I was very excited and can't wait to get back in the woods!
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