photo of a deer killed by Caleb Lordphoto of a deer killed by Caleb Lordphoto of a deer killed by Caleb Lord

Hunter: Caleb Lord

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Washington

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

This deer was definitely on the hit list this year. I passed him 3 times last year with the hope of tagging my #1 hit lister. I've been watching the Wide 8 all summer and even saw him while mowing roads in late August. I hunted him a few times since he was showing up pretty regularly in the afternoons, but we never crossed paths. I decided to go Saturday even though the wind was marginal for my stand. Lucky for me, a few does came in dead down wind and never winded me. My confidence was high once I beat their noses. It was closing in on shooting light when some does started looking in the direction I figured he would come from. I heard a stick break then a grunt, I had my bow in hand when he busted the doe party up. He ran one back away from me, then came to check one 8 yards from my tree. She ran off, he turned and started walking out to about 20 yards, I drew and he stopped, right behind a tree! After holding my bow at full draw for what felt like forever, he finally took 3 steps, I settled the pin, and let the 2 blade Magnus Stinger fly. I went back with the tracking crew and we found him about 120 yards later. I'm just thankful I get to chase these animals!
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