photo of a deer killed by Cal Ashworthphoto of a deer killed by Cal Ashworthphoto of a deer killed by Cal Ashworth

Hunter: Cal Ashworth

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Jackson

Season: 2016-2017

Hunt Story

Cal was hunting with his grandpa in a home-made box stand about 7 feet off the ground. The stand is on the edge of a small old roadway through mixed woods. The buck killed was seen on our trail cam a few weeks back, but always traveled late at night. Cal's peepaw was in the stand with him and saw the buck coming through the woods. Cal waited until it was in his line of sight and got ready for when it stepped out into the clearing. When it walked out, he made a noise to stop it and took his shot! The buck dropped immediately. Cal and his peepaw climbed out of the stand and went to retrieve the buck! The deer has 5 points on each side and one small nub on one side. It was almost an 11-point! He is absolutely through the moon excited. This is the first large deer he has gotten.
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