photo of a deer killed by Caden Overholtphoto of a deer killed by Caden Overholtphoto of a deer killed by Caden Overholt

Hunter: Caden Overholt

Points: 9 (5L, 4R)

County: Macon

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

After having an encounter with this deer a few weeks earlier, I went in on Saturday morning October 28 to a different stand in the same area. I got in there about 30 minutes before daylight. At about 5 minutes before legal shooting light 2 spikes came in and drank from a puddle of water and then started eating acorns. I have a bad problem of coughing in the woods and about 15 minutes after shooting light one of the spikes was about 20 yards when I started coughing a little. It looked up several times but never spooked. About 10 minutes later a doe and fawn came running in and started eating acorns. Soon they all went to the bedding area after not seeing anything for about 30 minutes I started to mess around a little. I had just picked up my phone to text my dad to see if he saw anything when I happened to look to my left and saw the buck standing at 20 yards. When he started walking away I stood up and grabbed my bow. I drew back and baaaad at him. I had to bend my knees to shoot through some junk. He was at 27 yards when I shot. He ran about 125 yards and fell over.
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