photo of a deer killed by C.J. Garntophoto of a deer killed by C.J. Garntophoto of a deer killed by C.J. Garnto

Hunter: C.J. Garnto

Points: 9 (4L, 5R)

County: Laurens

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

This is C.J.'s very first deer. We had spent about two weeks trying to get him a deer, and we had seen a couple really nice bucks but never had the chance to get a shot at one. On Saturday morning Nov 2 we had three encounters with trophy bucks and never were able to get a clear shot at one. So on Sunday Nov 3 we went back to the same stand. That morning I sprayed Tinks 69 on the bottom of our boots and walking across the food plot in front of our stand. I hoped if a buck crossed he would stop long enough for a shot on the scent trail. About 8:05 a.m. we seen the first buck about 200 yards in front of us walking left to right. It was a 5-point and we decided if he came to us he could shot him. As we are watching the young buck in front of us I catch movement to my immediate right, and when I look the big 9-point is standing at 60 yards smelling where we walked in earlier that morning. C.J. gets his .243 on the stand railing and takes aim. I tell him make sure you are on the vitals and slowly pull the trigger. The deer is now standing perfectly broadside and boom, the buck takes off running and I can tell he's hit good. He runs about 70 yards before expiring. Once we got down and to the buck we saw he had shot him right in the shoulder. This young man has been dedicated, passed does, hunted hard and made his first deer a great one.
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