photo of a deer killed by Bryan Fullerphoto of a deer killed by Bryan Fullerphoto of a deer killed by Bryan Fuller

Hunter: Bryan Fuller

Points: 11 (4L, 7R)

County: Coweta

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

What an exciting Columbus Day. It is crazy how things come together and can happen so unexpectedly. We had awesome hunters who came down from North GA for an evening hunt at one of our properties. The teenage girl was able to take her first deer ever, a 10-point, by 4:15 pm. I was able to make it home at 5:30 and decided to sneak into a stand in my backyard. I knew there wouldn’t be much time for me to hunt personally over the next 6 weeks since my schedule is full of hunts for other hunters. This buck stepped out right after 7:00 and I was able to make a good shot. I have a long 6-year history of this buck. Each year his rack has had something crazy going on. Three years ago, one side of his rack grew straight back and he could scratch his back with it. He has always been a fighter and would normally bust his rack all up before season even started. This buck absolutely loved Buck Muscle deer feed and wouldn’t hardly eat any other type of feed. He had the largest body of any deer I have killed in Georgia. He tipped the scales right at 250lbs!! Buck Muscle deer feed works and will grow big deer over time. They need quality feed and protein year-round if you want to see the benefits of feeding and not just attracting.
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