photo of a deer killed by Bryan Davisphoto of a deer killed by Bryan Davisphoto of a deer killed by Bryan Davis

Hunter: Bryan Davis

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Putnam

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

We knew with the rain being gone the bucks would be on their feet. Calm cool morning. This buck was the third buck of the morning. Saw one mature doe cross the waterline and this buck was 5 minutes behind her. He stepped out at 8:36. Didn't have much time, plus buck fever set in and my shot was not good. Waited 45 minutes, my brother told me to stay in the stand, but I had to check for blood. Within 60 yards i jumped the buck. So I backed out and waited for my brother, dad and friend to meet at the truck around 11:30. We went to where he laid down, no blood at all. We spanned out, and he ran 200 yards and expired. No blood trail whatsoever. Goes to show if I hadn't found those few spots of blood I would have thought I'd missed him. He was aged at 4.5. We had him on video and pics. He had a bad foot and limp. Just wanted thank my family and friends for all the help finding and getting him out. Jake, Chad, Dad. Couldn't ask for a better morning in the woods. Thank the Good Lord for mornings like this.
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