photo of a deer killed by Brody Smithphoto of a deer killed by Brody Smithphoto of a deer killed by Brody Smith

Hunter: Brody Smith

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Washington

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

Brody and I were walking to the stand overlooking a food plot and we noticed two does and an 8-point already in the food plot. We were waiting on the 8-point to go into the woods when some turkeys came out and spooked the two does off. We used this opportunity to hurry to the stand. After sitting in the stand for a while several deer had made their way to the food plot. We saw two smaller bucks chasing a doe all around the food plot and out of sight. A little while later, a nice buck came out, checked/ bumped all the does in the food plot and then disappeared back into the woods. Maybe 15 minuets later Brody's buck walked out and bumped a few does that were in the end of the food plot. He eventually ran one of the does into the woods. A few minuets later they reappeared. The buck began to feed in the end of the food plot. Brody got ready and I told him that if he felt comfortable taking the shot to do so. Brody fired and the buck mule-kicked and disappeared into the woods. After several big hugs and high fives, and a couple of phone calls, we got down and started looking for blood. We tracked him to the edge of the woods where we found a lot of sign. We only had one flashlight and I knew that I was going to have to have help tracking and dragging the deer out. We returned with the search party about 2 hours later and started the search. After about 200 yards, we found where the buck had bedded up. We made the decision to back out and call London Young and his dog Jax. Once they arrived they tracked the deer about 1200 yards and found him submerged in a beaver pond. Brody made a good shot ( about 125 yards) but the animals are resilient. This was Brody's first buck and a memory that will last a lifetime!!
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