photo of a deer killed by Brody Evancophoto of a deer killed by Brody Evancophoto of a deer killed by Brody Evanco

Hunter: Brody Evanco

Points: 9 (4L, 5R)

County: Douglas

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

This is my first year hunting, I had already harvested 2 does before this hunt and let some others walk. This hunt started at 3:25 Sunday afternoon. We sat in a blind on the top of a hill overlooking an overgrown field/bottoms and hardwoods. We saw 3 smaller bucks walk by but I wanted to wait for a bigger one. I heard leaves ruffling and tree limbs cracking, when I looked I saw this buck along the tree line eating something. He kept poking his head up and moving around for about 5 minutes while I waited for a good shot. Finally he moved to a better position where I was able to make a good shot. I made the shot and hit him in his right shoulder. He ran through the field a bit and back toward the tree line. I lost sight of him, and we waited about an hour before we went to look for him so if he was still alive we wouldn\'t spook him and risk him running further away. We found him back in the area where we last saw him. His rack is damaged in a few spots with tines missing. I assume he has been fighting other deer in rut.
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