photo of a deer killed by Brodie Lawphoto of a deer killed by Brodie Lawphoto of a deer killed by Brodie Law

Hunter: Brodie Law

Points: 9 (4L, 5R)

County: Tift

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

‘The Legend of Tines’ I had already killed a nice 8-point earlier this season, but there was this particular deer that we called “Tines” that showed up two years ago and caught our eye. I had the most interest in him, and wanted to harvest him this season. We recognized him immediately when we saw his towering G2s, G3s, 1.5 inch kicker, and the huge body on the trail cameras. Since I only had one tag left this season, I focused my attention on him. The day before, my dad suggested that I should sit in a tower stand we had looking over a food plot. I didn’t expect to see much, but I saw two small bucks fighting. The next day, my sister went and sat with me in hopes of seeing a nice buck and her shooting him as long as it wasn’t “Tines”. We took a video camera to film anything we saw. At about 5:00 pm, I looked up and saw a doe in another field. She stayed there for a while and then something spooked her and she ran off. About 45 minutes later, I looked up and saw a deer. I let my sister know and assumed it was a small buck or a doe. I grabbed my .270 Short Mag and looked through the scope. To my surprise, it was “Tines” and I’m sure my sister heard the excitement in my voice when I told her it was him. He had an unbelievably beautiful rack and tall tines. I didn’t give my sister enough time to film because he looked like he was about to run. We were not going to chance that! He was walking slowly so I couldn’t shoot him in the neck like I usually do, but I managed to get a lung shot and he bucked his back legs and I knew then that I had hit him pretty good. My dad was sitting in a ground blind in the field to our left and immediately knew that I had shot “Tines” when he heard the shot. He got out of the stand and hurried to the truck. I tapped my sister on the shoulder and pointed at my dad as he was heading toward us. We were in such a hurry to go find “Tines”, that we left the video camera in the stand. After we got down from the stand, my dad and I were looking for his footprints so we could follow them and find the blood, but before we could, surprisingly, my sister beat us to it. We followed the blood trail into the woods about 10 yards and then it started thinning. We kept looking and eventually we found a few drops, then a few more, and then a pretty good amount. We followed that for about 30 yards and then stopped for a second. I looked to my right and saw something that looked like eyes but I figured it was a log with bugs on it. My dad noticed it too and shined the light. When he did, we saw a rack wrapped around a tree a few inches off the ground. It looked like “Tines” had tackled the tree on his way down. When we got up to him I couldn’t believe it, he was so big and everything I had ever dreamed of him being. I knew then, that The Legend of “Tines” was over. Now I’m ready for “Tines, Jr”.
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