photo of a deer killed by Brince Coodyphoto of a deer killed by Brince Coodyphoto of a deer killed by Brince Coody

Hunter: Brince Coody

Points: 15 (8L, 7R)

County: Pulaski

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

After several days of rain and low pressure, a high pressure front came through on Halloween. On November 1st, I went to hunt an area that I thought the buck may be using. After being in the stand for about 20 minutes, a small buck cruised by about 50 yards in front of my stand. He was traveling from northwest to southeast. Once the small buck got in front of me, I could tell he saw another deer. I looked to the my southeast and saw the big buck at about 75 yards. He was looking in my direction. I pulled up my binoculars and could tell it was the deer that I was hunting. The small buck got his attention. This gave me an opportunity to grab my gun. Once I got my gun in to position, the big buck started to run towards the northwest. I whistled and he stopped at about 60 yards. I shot and he ran about 40 yards and fell over.
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