photo of a deer killed by Brian Dixonphoto of a deer killed by Brian Dixonphoto of a deer killed by Brian Dixon

Hunter: Brian Dixon

Points: 15 (8L, 7R)

County: Dodge

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

I have been hunting this buck for the past two years. I really am thankful for cellular cameras, they showed his pattern and helped me capitalize on his movements. This buck showed up on camera at this stand morning and evening right at shooting light, on November the 3rd. I headed up Thursday afternoon with a good wind for this stand. Hunted this stand Friday morning and evening with no sightings. Saturday morning when I got up he was in front of my camera. I got into the stand almost an hour and a half before first light, to let things settle down. As it began to get light enough to see a light fog rolled in making it more difficult to see. I saw a big-bodied deer moving through the pines to my left headed for my other sitting lane. I saw a deer appear in my shooting lane coming right toward me, it was a doe walking pretty fast, he was about a minute behind her. When I saw his frame in the fog I knew it was him and I picked up my rifle and shot. Dropped in his tracks.
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