photo of a deer killed by Breanne Tinsleyphoto of a deer killed by Breanne Tinsleyphoto of a deer killed by Breanne Tinsley

Hunter: Breanne Tinsley

Points: 11 (5L, 6R)

County: Meriwether

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

I thought we had this big boy patterned, but he was showing up at different stands during different times of the day. I felt that I had a 50/50 percent chance of him coming to my stand on Saturday, September 17th. I was sitting in my Muddy blind and he came out around 6:25 in the evening. Originally he was quartering towards me and a deer was blocking his vitals and I had to wait for him to turn broadside. Everything worked out like planned, besides the dang window wouldn’t stay open. This definitely caused me to start shaking in my boots as well as having this big boy 20 yards from me. I pulled back, ranged with my new Garmin sight, put the pin on my target, and even counted to three and released. He jumped up and ran with my arrow still sticking out of his side. I had a shot a little to the right than what I was aiming for. We waited around 2 hours before we started to look for blood. We found good bright red blood all the way until we found the arrow. We followed the blood trail until he crossed the creek and decided at that point to pull back and give him more time to die. We came back the next morning at daylight and found him in the creek not far from where we found last blood.
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