photo of a deer killed by Braxton Leggphoto of a deer killed by Braxton Leggphoto of a deer killed by Braxton Legg

Hunter: Braxton Legg

Points: 14 (6L, 8R)

County: Madison

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

I watched this buck all summer by scouting in ag fields and through trail cameras. I came up with a game plan of exactly where he was bedding and planted a food plot a few weeks before season and put a camera on it. Around a week before opening day, I started getting pictures of him there in daylight every day up to the day before season opened. I hunted the morning of September 10th and had no luck. I got back in the stand around 4:15 pm and waited. It had been raining off and on all day, but it finally cleared up and my wind was blowing perfectly. I had a few small bucks come out around 6:45 pm and start browsing around the food plot. Then around 7:15 pm, all of the smaller bucks scattered, and I saw him on the far left side of the food plot coming straight to my bait pile. I grabbed my bow and as soon as he stepped into my shooting lane, I bent my limbs back, steadied my pin, and sent a perfect arrow through him at 20 yards. The arrow smacked him and he took off, but I heard a loud crash shortly after the shot. I called my fiancé and dad to tell them and to get there as fast as they could. We waited about 45 minutes and went in. We found a little blood at the spot of the shot and followed it about 10 yards. I looked up and could see my lighted knock, a white stomach, and a giant set of antlers about 50 yards away. We got over there as quick as we could. It was one of the best feelings of my life when I was finally able to lay my hands on this monster.
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