photo of a deer killed by Brandon Williamsphoto of a deer killed by Brandon Williamsphoto of a deer killed by Brandon Williams

Hunter: Brandon Williams

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Rockdale

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

I decided to hunt mid-evening until the end of shooting light because of the full moon. I checked my game camera, and saw that this buck had passed through exactly 7 days ago. I got set up in my tree with my camera gear and my saddle. This was the first time I had used a saddle to hunt out of. I saw the buck walking in at around 70 yards. I had expected him to walk into a shooting lane at 20 yards, but instead he came in closer to 15 yards. I maneuvered around the tree in my saddle, and was able to pull off the 15 yard shot. I backed out to give him an hour to expire. At first, there was very little blood, but after 30-40 yards the trail was easy to follow. I found him in thick brush 110 yards away from where I shot him. He is my biggest buck I have ever killed, and I was lucky enough to be able to get it done with my bow. I couldn’t have gotten the buck out of the woods without the help of my friends Christian, Dylan, and Matt. Afterwards, I took him to my favorite taxidermist (Alcovy Taxidermy). We weighed him at 250lbs (live weight), and he was roughly estimated between 5.5 and 6 years old.
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