photo of a deer killed by Brandon Meltonphoto of a deer killed by Brandon Meltonphoto of a deer killed by Brandon Melton

Hunter: Brandon Melton

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Houston

Season: 2017-2018

Hunt Story

An absolute hunt of a lifetime. Calm morning, not much happening, then I heard a grunt and some chasing! A few minutes passed and things got quiet. Hit a grunt call, and nothing. Grabbed a Primos doe can and the switch flipped! He came charging in behind me on a logging road downwind and stopped just out of sight. Hit the can two more times, and he stepped out barely in sight. First thing I see was his right side G2 and knew without a doubt, SHOOTER! Reached back for the rifle as his nose was in the air trying to catch some wind, and the safety came off. With him quartering to me I settle in and made the shot. Two seconds later I get a text my buddy says, "Well?" With adrenaline through the roof I call him and told him I just shot the biggest deer I have ever seen from a stand. After getting down and trailing blood, hair, and bone with no deer I began to wonder. We backed out called in Timmy Oller and his dog Banks before we messed anything up. Went to lunch, came back and when Banks got on the blood she never came off of it. And it wasn't until I had my hands around him that the nerves finally started to settle. Having pictures of this deer in velvet from midsummer and once he shed it off was absolutely amazing. To say I had not thought about this moment of harvesting this deer would be a lie. It took a team effort and will be a moment I will never forget!
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