photo of a deer killed by Brandon Elrodphoto of a deer killed by Brandon Elrodphoto of a deer killed by Brandon Elrod

Hunter: Brandon Elrod

Points: 7 (3L, 4R)

County: Colquitt

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

This hunt was one I will never forget. I seen a few deer earlier that Saturday morning, a few younger bucks nothing worth pulling the trigger on. Then out of nowhere I see a single doe hauling tail through the pines. I knew this could only mean one thing, so I look behind her and see a big-bodied, chocolate-rack buck trailing her hard! I couldn’t tell much about the deer other than I knew this was a big mature buck deer. Just what I was looking for! I knew I had to get him to stop to make a good shot so I grunted at him hard, and he wouldn’t stop. I bleated at him, and he still was after the doe. I yelled “HEY!!!” at the buck, and he was still running hard. All this was happening so fast. I knew I had to do something quick, or I may never get this opportunity again on this ol' buck. Right before he hit the thicket I aimed my rifle at the ground below my stand and fired off a round. He stopped and looked straight at me. He gave me a perfect broad side shot. (Crazy I know, never thought this would work) I placed the crosshairs on him and dropped him in his tracks. He isn’t the biggest rack buck I have taken but he is definitely the heaviest weighing in at 250 pounds and most mature aged around 6 years old. Never been more honored to harvest such a brute of a buck. I have been truly blessed this season.
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