photo of a deer killed by Braden Sniderphoto of a deer killed by Braden Sniderphoto of a deer killed by Braden Snider

Hunter: Braden Snider

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Henry

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

I've been getting pictures of this buck across the road on a powerline food plot. Sunday morning he showed up at a spot we call the back plot. When I asked Braden where he wanted to hunt that evening and he said back plot, I showed him the picture. Walking into the stand about 5 p.m., late as usual, we bumped three deer ouf of the bottom we gotta cross to get up to the two-man stand overlooking the back plot and a stand of white oaks. The wind was perfect for the sit, or so I thought. It must have been swirling because we saw eight deer come tot he plot and every one of them got spooky and left quickly. I was kind of giving up on the evening and getting discouraged. As the sun fell behind the tress and dark dark quickly approached, I caught a deer moving off to the right under the white oak. I didn't have my binoculars, so I grabbed Braden's 30-30 and looked through the scope to see a solid racked buck. I told Braden put your phone away buddy, there's a shooter. The buck was facing down the hill toward the bottom, and as Braden found him in the scope he walked out of sight and I thought to myself, dang we let him get away, but he quickly reappeared. With light fading fast, he was facing away from us. I told Braden to wait till he was broadside. After what seemed to be an eternity and last light upon us, the buck finally turned in our shooting lane. I let out a loud BURRRPPPP and the buck threw his head up, and I said shoot him B! No sooner than I said it, BANG! Braden made a great shot! His second deer, a dandy 10-pointer jumped straight up and bolted out of sight. We were both shaking and then the fist bump! After discussing the shot, I told Braden to get down before it gets dark. As we approached where the deer was standing with barely enough light to still see, I saw his buck laying about 40 yards in the woods. High fives, fist bumps and hugs as we walked up my oldest boy's best buck yet!!
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