photo of a deer killed by Bobby Schererphoto of a deer killed by Bobby Schererphoto of a deer killed by Bobby Scherer

Hunter: Bobby Scherer

Points: 11 (6L, 5R)

County: Dooly

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

Cold, crisp morning in Unadilla, Dooly County. I was hunting on my property with 3 of my friends. I have left this particular stand, along a creek, near a sanctuary, alone until November. Last year and the year before I have seen many quality bucks, but all were too young or unavailable for a good shot. On this particular morning, the wind was coming out of the NW and I put my Ozonics Ozonator on that direction. The squirrels were chatting and we were all seeing a long of activity with young bucks, and hearing fighting going on. I had a your basket 8 come under my stand at 7:30 and another 8 about 5 minutes later. Shortly after that, I looked over my left shoulder and caught movement. I realized I was looking at a MONSTER sized buck. He was just coming slowly along the edge. He stopped briefly and looked back over his shoulder so I could then put my rifle on him. I waited until he got to about 50 yards. He was dead downwind and the Ozonics did its magic. He never scented me. When he stopped broadside, I squeezed off the trigger at a perfect heart shot and he dropped dead in his tracks. Never moved. When I got up to him, in all my years of hunting, I have never seen a bigger bodied deer. He weighed 284 pounds, and was a beautiful old, wide, heavy 11-point buck. He lived on our tract, we have seen him for a few years. I saw him as a 4 1/2-year-old two years ago and could not get a shot. He had been a ghost or only on night cameras until this morning.
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