photo of a deer killed by Bobby Sabiaphoto of a deer killed by Bobby Sabiaphoto of a deer killed by Bobby Sabia

Hunter: Bobby Sabia

Points: 12 (7L, 5R)

County: Troup

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

I started my hunt at 4 p.m. and immediately was surrounded by does and yearlings for the next hour and a half. Even on a windy day they were out and active early. Around 6:30 the does started to wander off to my left, and I saw three bucks cruising toward me straight on from the thick brush. They started to turn away but adjusted course toward me. I was seated and had to remain there with the fear of being busted by the does nearby. I saw my target buck, and as it took a step behind a tree I came to full draw. As he stepped past the tree I took the first shot he presented. The shot was good but I had my doubts sitting in the tree after seeing my arrow in the dirt. No blood on the arrow or ground but some gut residue. I knew where he went and was hesitant but decided to check. Where I saw him enter the brush I saw my first trail of blood and a glimmer of hope. After trailing the increased blood I knew he was dead and tracked the trail to where he laid. A sense of relief and joy came to mind as the hard work paid off. My last task of dragging him out was less than desirable, but the effort was worth it as I am very pleased with this amazing deer!
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