photo of a deer killed by Bobby Ray Walden of a deer killed by Bobby Ray Walden of a deer killed by Bobby Ray Walden Jr.

Hunter: Bobby Ray Walden Jr.

Points: 7 (3L, 4R)

County: Putnam

Season: 2017-2018 (Week 10)

Hunt Story

I had just purchased a new Summit Goliath Climber and Hunter Safety Systems fall arrest and was anxious to try them. I picked a location a hundred yards down from where I had hunted a week before and saw a nice 8-point. The wind was blowing in my favor so I could get on the edge of a clearcut (about 2 years ago) and a thick stand of planted pines that I figured was a good bedding area. I had previously scouted lots of trails coming from the pines. As I ascended the rather large pine tree I had chosen to climb, I was really liking the ease of using my new climber and fall harness. I reached about 25 feet up and got situated in. I looked at my phone and it was 4:15. ( I should have been there earlier) As I scanned my surroundings I couldn't help but feel how blessed I am to be able to enjoy the beautiful colors around me from the fall foliage. As I completed my scan toward the pine thicket, I saw a small 3-pointer exiting. He came within feet of my tree, and I enjoyed watching him for around 30 minutes. Shortly after he left I saw more movement coming from the thicket. As it exited I could tell that it was a descent buck with a big body at around 100 yards out. I raised my Mossberg 12 gauge slug gun to watch him through the attached Tasco scope. I could tell that he was an old deer by the gray contrast around his eyes. I also noticed a slight limp. He stopped around 110 yards out, and I continued to contemplate if I would harvest him or not. He was way out past his ears which made him past our clubs 15-inch minimum. Needing to put some meat in the freezer I decided to place my crosshairs behind his shoulder and squeeze the trigger. He dropped out of my site in the head-high brush. I looked and looked and didn't see any movement for a few minutes. I began to descend the tree keeping an eye out. I had probably gone down 5 feet when I saw him standing there again. I put the crosshairs on him once more this time at the neck. He dropped like a sack of rocks. I went to retrieve him and saw that I had hit him both times.
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