photo of a deer killed by Bobby Knightphoto of a deer killed by Bobby Knightphoto of a deer killed by Bobby Knight

Hunter: Bobby Knight

Points: 11 (6L, 5R)

County: Putnam

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

I had been getting pictures of this buck using a scrape on the edge of a food plot. I put up a lock on stand between the plot and the thick creek bottom that the buck liked to use to enter and leave the plot. The next evening i settled into the stand about 3 o'clock. I had a coyote come by on the other side of the creek about 4 o'clock and was thinking that I surely wouldn't see a deer now. An hour later this buck came walking down the same trail on the other side of the creek. The buck was cruising looking for a hot doe. I grunted at the buck but he never even looked my way, so I doe bleated at him and he stopped, looked my way then continued walking up the hill. I changed to a lesser dominate buck grunt and gave a couple of short grunts. I could not see the buck by now so I just kept watching in the direction i last saw him. About 15 minutes went by and I looked back to my right and there he was standing at 35 yards looking for the deer he had heard earlier. He had already crossed the creek and was easing up the hill to the food plot. I was able to stand up and turn in my stand without him seeing me. I drew back and as soon as he cleared the thick brush he stopped on the edge of the plot giving me a 24 yard shot. After the shot he ran about 45 yards and piled up.
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