photo of a deer killed by Blake Hambyphoto of a deer killed by Blake Hambyphoto of a deer killed by Blake Hamby

Hunter: Blake Hamby

Points: 9 (5L, 4R)

County: Gordon

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

It was an incredible journey for the deer I called Samson. It first started when I had him on camera, the first of October but wasn't able to begin hunting him until rifle season started at the landowner's request. The first time I hunted I saw him, he was running a doe with two other small bucks. It was through some limbs and moving, so I elected not to shoot. Second time was more of the same, moving quickly and in the woods. The third time, I was walking out from an evening hunt and glassed a field before walking across it and saw him feeding on acorns, but it was already after legal shooting light so I had to let him walk out of my life again. But this time was different. Sunday morning, I got up and sat in a ground blind till 9:30 and left to go to church. After lunch and some home chores, I eased back over to sit the remainder of the evening. I climbed in my stand about 3:45 and just had a good feeling about that evening. I had always killed my big deer around the 18th. As prime time got closer, my anticipation was high. It wasn't long before I noticed two does feeding on the edge of the field. As I was glassing them, Samson stepped into my lense's view. With his nose down, he pushed the older doe forward and she was pulling him straight to me. I put the binos down, shouldered my gun and put it on him. He struggled back to the edge of the field and piled up just inside the wood line.
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