photo of a deer killed by Blake Hambyphoto of a deer killed by Blake Hambyphoto of a deer killed by Blake Hamby

Hunter: Blake Hamby

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Gordon

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

I got in my ground blind just as it was breaking daylight on the edge of an old fence row. I had passed a few smaller bucks the evening before chasing a doe. It just felt right, the frost was on the ground, air was crisp and I had been hunting hard and was ready. The first doe stepped out on the edge of the field and just stood watching. She finally relaxed and began to ease out into the field to feed. I went to snap a picture to kid some buddies about having a decoy in the field, and when I looked back up I saw a big bodied deer that had just slipped out from the cover of the hardwoods. Like I had many times before I picked up my Vortex binos and glassed him. It didn't take but just a glimpse to know I was giving myself the green light on this one. I swapped my binos for my scope as he started slowing walking up the tree line. I settled in on him, resting my gun on a old fence post. With my adrenaline and heart pumping, I quickly gathered myself, took a deep breath and he paused. Sitting on go and my finger on the trigger, I squeezed one off and he folded up. Not minutes later five other bucks came out of the woods chasing the same doe. I guess I did them a favor. Fair game now boys.
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