photo of a deer killed by Blake Dayphoto of a deer killed by Blake Dayphoto of a deer killed by Blake Day

Hunter: Blake Day

Points: 7 (3L, 4R)

County: Stephens

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

So I’ve been taking my 4-year-old daughter hunting this year she’s just getting into hunting and has helped me plant a little food plot at the house and hang stands and check cameras at our new house! I set up a ground blind and have been taking her and we haven’t had any luck and I’d been getting this buck on my cell camera and my little girl saw him and said dad I want to get him! Normally I would pass on a deer like this but being it would be the first time she ever experienced a hunt like this I said ok! The last few days I had some daylight pictures and I told her if I get off early enough I would pick her up from daycare and take her! So I was getting ready to leave work around 3:30 and my phone goes off and it’s him so I knew he was close! I got off work and rushed to the daycare as my little girl was walking to me I heard her tell a teacher we are going hunting! We rush home and of course as any 4 year old would do she has to pack a bag! Coloring books and snacks and a drink so we get our gear and put our vest on and head to the blind. We made it to the corner of our yard about to walk into the woods and there he was making working a scrape! I told my daughter to stop and she saw him! That’s when I heard daddy a deer! At this point he’s probably 45 yards from us and still working the scrape I get on a knee and load the gun and he runs up a little hill towards the blind! He’s behind to trees but I can see him my daughter is freaking out! Daddy shoot him I said you come over here and shoot him that’s when she says I’m too little and scared to shoot the gun. So after some quick talking she covers her ears and gets right up on me at this point he steps out and I have one shot and take it he dropped in his tracks… she takes off running towards him and I had to stop her to make sure he was dead! She was so happy the smile on her face was all worth it! As a father the experience met everything! As she gets older she might not want to hunt but at this moment we both will never forget it!
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