photo of a deer killed by Blair Bennettphoto of a deer killed by Blair Bennettphoto of a deer killed by Blair Bennett

Hunter: Blair Bennett

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Early

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

Blair decided to pick up a crossbow for the first time this year. She had previously taken deer with her rifle but was excited about a new challenge. She practiced in our backyard with both the crossbow and on using a climbing stand for the first time. On opening day of bow season we were in the woods and set up - no luck the first morning. Another hunt later that week resulted in Blair's first encounter with the 10-point. She steadied her crossbow and let the bolt fly. Unfortunately, she shot under her intended target with no damage done. We talked about what could have gone wrong and made corrections and she practiced some more in the backyard. Then came Tuesday the 19th. Back up in the stand at 5:50, Blair took her journal to write out her testimony that her youth minister had asked her to prepare for youth group the following evening. After an hour of writing out her testimony and keeping one eye on the woods, she finished and put up her Journal. About 5 minutes later, out walked the 10-point that she had missed the week before. This time she steadied her crossbow and made sure the second line on her reticle was on her intended target and let the bolt fly from 32 yards. The deer jumped and crashed away. She called me and I came over to the stand and watched her climb down. We found the bolt covered with blood and began to track the blood trail. 40 yards in and he was down, a perfect double lung shot. A high-five, a big hug and "good shots" and she had her hands on a beautiful 10-point. One excited young lady and one proud daddy!
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