Hunter: Billy Varner

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Crawford

Season: 2016-2017 (Week 6)

Hunt Story

Arrived at my ladder stand at about 7:50 am. Our property which is rented from a timber company was replanted last year with pines. The pines and other growth have now gotten about head height and much is about 6-7 feet tall. It is difficult to see very far if you are on the ground on much of the property. However, my stand is about 25 yards inside the property line and there is a new unused road the timber company built about 3 or 4 years ago when they cut the timber. The road itself is not accessible or drivable with a vehicle and is beginning to get some low growth but only a foot or two tall or no growth at all in places. I saw no deer activity all morning until this buck stepped out about 50 yards to my left and from the adjoining property and onto the new road. I could only see his head and top of body because of the new growth and really didn't realize his full size until later, although I could tell he had a lot of antlers showing. He looked straight at me when I turned into shooting position as I was already standing. About a minute later his head turned, and he began to walk into the new growth on our property, which gave me the opportunity for a shot when I caught a good view of his chest and body through my scope. He immediately dropped, and I could no longer see him after the shot but saw the weeds moving, and he never stood back up. After about a minute or two there was no movement or sound. I then got down and found him right laying right where I shot him. Only after I watched for a minute or two did I approach to be sure he was not going to get up, and boy as I surprised to see his full size and counted 10 points. I have been hunting about 40 years, and this is by far my best buck ever, even though I have two 8-pointers mounted. That's when I called my son who was also hunting the property and told him I was definitely going to need some help.
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