photo of a deer killed by Billy Joe Padgettphoto of a deer killed by Billy Joe Padgettphoto of a deer killed by Billy Joe Padgett

Hunter: Billy Joe Padgett

Points: 14 (6L, 8R)

County: Irwin

Season: 2016-2017

Hunt Story

You know how "us" natural-born hunter know when we get to the woods that today is going to be the day! As I was on the way to my stand, I had a bad stomach pain. We haven't had any rain, so the dirt was very hard. I had to find a fire ant bed and dig a hole to go in. When I was finished, I journeyed onto may stand. I got settled in and hunt my bow on the bow hook. I got an arrow nocked on my string and made sure the fletching was turned right. I then checked to make sure my Swacker broadhead was tight. I waited for first light. Fifteen minutes after daylight, I looked and there he came! He was 40 yards and walking straight toward me! I said, "May Lord, what a buck." I knew that a head-on shot with a bow was not a good shot. As he got within 30 yards he began to veer left. He was going to a giant paw mark. In my mind I was screaming "Yes! He is going to give me a shot." As he approached the paw mark, he went behind a tree. I then came to full draw with my Obsession bow. He stopped at about 26 yards and slightly quartering away from me. There before me stood a buck of a lifetime. This was a shot all bowhunters would love to have. As I released my arrow, I saw my red fletching go out of sight. I knew that it was a double-lung shot. I knew that this old buck was mine.
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