photo of a deer killed by Billy Bouchillonphoto of a deer killed by Billy Bouchillonphoto of a deer killed by Billy Bouchillon

Hunter: Billy Bouchillon

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Newton

Season: 2016-2017 (Week 14)

Hunt Story

I have a spot with a good bit of privet on it that always holds a lot of deer late in the season. We got off of work early Thursday afternoon, and the wind was perfect to take my climbing stand and slip down to the edge of the privet thicket. I got settled in at around 3:15 and immediately started seeing deer. I had deer around me practically the whole afternoon. Around 5:10 I saw this buck easing down from a cutover and heading for the privet. He walked behind a group of trees about 20 yards from me, and I drew my bow back and he stopped behind the trees. Not sure if he smelled me or if it was just that sixth sense deer seem to have, but he turned and started walking briskly away from me. I mouth bleated and got him to stop at about 27 yards. At the shot I hit a small vine and the shot hit the deer forward. When I got down the blood trail looked good, but after about 100 yards I decided to call Patrick Cleveland and Speck, and it's really a good thing I did. Speck kept the buck up and moving and finally around 8:30 Speck's bark let Patrick know he had the buck. When we got to the deer he was dead.
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