photo of a deer killed by Billy Atkinsonphoto of a deer killed by Billy Atkinsonphoto of a deer killed by Billy Atkinson

Hunter: Billy Atkinson

Points: 12 (6L, 6R)

County: Franklin

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

My hunt for a good buck with my bow begins long before the season opens. On Wednesday, Oct. 19th I was going to try to kill the big buck. I have only hunted the deer a few times, only seen him on trail cam three times, got in my stand at 4 pm, saw four does. At 5:45 pm when I hear something to my left, there stepped out an 8-point and then the deer I was hunting stepped out, not noticing it was him. Then he got out so I could see him better. He had five on one side and more on the other side. He was standing perfectly quartering away but I could not move a doe was feeding my way, she would see me move, then at once the buck went at her and she turned and went behind a bush. At that time I drawled my bow and he started weaving in and out of trees. When he turned right I released my arrow. I hit him at the back of the rib. He was quartering away but I could see it had gone in about 20 inches. I knew I made a good shot. I hit front leg bone or a rib but you could tell he was hurt as he ran off. I sat till dark before getting down. I went home and got my grandson to help me track the deer. We only found one drop of blood but looked around then went back and started over. No sooner than I was telling my grandson we needed to start looking for white belly hair my grandson said what is that? Bryson, my grandson, stands 6 feet, 8inches tall I knew he would be able to find him. With excitement he said "O papa it's a good one, big too." As we hugged each other he said papa I am happy and excited too and I did not even kill it. My grandson took some pictures there. A lot of things happened on this hunt that makes me see how much we have all been blessed by God. I ask God for a chance at this deer and it happened. I also was talking to God and said "wouldn't it be something if my grandson found the deer." It happened we all should take the time and just look around and see how good we have to thank God for. I truly believe he sent this deer to me. The deer green scored 137 5/8. He had 12 points. Thanks, Billy Atkinson
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