photo of a deer killed by Bert Crossonphoto of a deer killed by Bert Crossonphoto of a deer killed by Bert Crosson

Hunter: Bert Crosson

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Mitchell

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

We'd had pictures of this buck that we'd recently named "Sunshine" for two years. I'm pretty sure he was a 4.5 year-old last year, and from pictures, he hadn't changed much from last year to this year. I was really hoping my youngest son would get Sunshine. He got his name a few weeks ago when my 15-year-old was hunting him and he came out one afternoon, but the glare from the sun prevented my son from getting a shot at him, hence the name "Sunshine." I knew yesterday afternoon (12/16) was going to be good with the raining moving through and the cooler weather coming in behind it. I was hunting a ladder stand in a block of mature pines looking down a woods road that I'd planted oats and rape down each side. The buck came out just before dark, but I couldn't see through my scope because it was fogged up. I quickly wiped it off with my vest and found the buck in my scope. I squeezed off a shot, heard a thump and saw him "donkey kick." I waited on my oldest son and nephew to come help me look for the deer. He'd only gone maybe 20 yards. It's awesome to take a deer that you have a history with.
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